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:: Friday, December 20, 2002 ::

Eh. BBC. You have your good days and your bad.

Here in Seoul, my main televised news outlet is the BBC. This morning they announced the resignation of Trent Lott, some of the least surprising news I have heard in a long time.

But ... er, BBC? Your anchor led the story off by saying that Lott "has resigned." Resigned from what? Resigned as GOP Leader? Or resigned from the Senate altogether? Huge difference, especially seeing how Lott would likely be replaced with a Dem were he to resign from the Senate. And then, dear BBC, your news report had NO further information on the day's developments, but instead gave a bit of background. In which you made it seem that Lott was under fire simply for praising an old man on his birthday. You played the tape of Lott saying that his state voted for Thurmond back in 1948... and then you cut away, neglecting to show what Lott said next, which was kinda the crux of the whole issue. Kinda the core of every attack on Lott that has taken place since then.

I'm talking about Lott saying that had Thurmond somehow become President on his ultra-regional platform back in 1948, maybe America wouldn't have had "all these problems" over the years. Was that lamebrained statement not the whole point of the controversy?

Now, dear old BBC, I'm sure you weren't trying to make Lott appear the victim of overly-enthusiastic Dem partisan dogs who twisted his innocent if awkward words around. But certain individuals in America have tried to convince us of that. Which makes sense if you think Lott was just trying to be nice to an old man on his birthday. But not if you listened to every single word Lott spoke.

Oh, and BBC, how about next time giving a mite more information on the day's breaking news? We don't all have Internet access in our bedrooms, where we can go to REAL news sources.
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:: Sunday, December 15, 2002 ::
Aaaaand the 2004 campaign has officially begun!

If I were a political cartoonist, I would draw Gore as the guy standing to the side firing a blank into the air, as runners Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards, Dean, and one or two others spring into action down the track. I guess it's a consequence of living in modern America that fully half of our existence is lived during presidential campaigns. We're not too far from the time when a guy's barely finished conceding when his running mate declares his intention to run in four years.

As much as I figure Gore would have to run a better campaign in 2004 as in 2000, I think Bush's job security just took a big hit.
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:: Thursday, December 12, 2002 ::
Ah, hello. This is my first post.

Go check out my other blog, Euphoria, Glee, Redundancy. While it's still called that.
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